UCPath Service During COVID-19

Last updated on 10/15. We will continue to update this page as we learn more.

UCPath Center Modified Services

The UCPath Center has transitioned to remote work as of March 20 to protect the health and safety of their employees. UCPC is temporarily modifying services to prioritize UC employee payroll and other critical services. 

  • UCPath Center is available by phone as of July 27
    • UCPath phone number: 855-982-7284
    • Business hours: 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday, excluding UC holidays
    • Callers will be asked to authenticate with their eight-digit date of birth and last four digits of their social security number
    • To ensure UCPath addresses employee questions or issues, callers must inform the UCPath associate if they are calling about an open inquiry
  • Employees and transactional users can utilize the live chat function for a quick response
  • Employees and transactional users can still submit questions and requests through the “Ask UCPath Center” button 
  • UCPath Center team continues to monitor COVID-19 policy and regulatory changes and are making necessary technical adjustments, such as adding new types of administrative leave

UCPath Center initially prepared to limit or suspend many non-essential services, but since they have been operating very efficiently while working remotely, many services have been moved back to the essential category.

Italics indicate change as of 5/5.

Essential Services

Limited Services

Suspended Services


  • On-Cycle Payroll Processing (UCPath and PPS) 
  • Reports: Error, final confirmation, deduction, taxes 
  • On-cycle fallout 
  • Settlement Processing 
  • Retro - Missed Pay 
  • Workers Compensation 
  • Instant Pay Cards 
  • Union and garnishment payments 
  • Adjustments 
  • Processing all off cycles request 



  • Expedite benefit coverage Benefit deductions
  • Corrections to benefits deductions for current payroll
  • Assessment and correction of retirement eligibility for current payroll
  • Benefit billing statements Reviewing and corrections for dual coverage
  • Enrollment files
  • Research / corrections from RASC and locations
  • Expedited enrollment Benefit deduction recovery
  • QMSCO processing
  • Mail delivery (2 per week vs. daily)
  • Family member eligibility (overall UC delay)
  • Reviewing General Ledger accounts

Workforce Admin

  • WFA Template & PayPath Transactions (Hires, Interlocation, Terminations, Pay Impacting leave Processing)
  • Union Agreement Processing (ATB, ARA, Lump Sum)
  • Critical mass transactions (new hires, term, leave correction history)
  • Work authorization and I9 data in UCPath
  • Future dated requests
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Critical leave processing
  • Limited job data changes for future payroll processing
  • Non-pay impacting transactions 
  • Non-critical mass transactions 



Employee Services

  • Expedite critical pay impacting cases
  • Escalated inquiries
  • BCC life claims
  • Processing forms
  • Settlement claims
  • Webinars (i.e. Portal Demo, New Employee Benefits Eligibility)
  • Backlog Tracking
  • Customer Call Backs
  • Customer Survey Inquiry Review
  • Phone service 
  • Knowledge Management updates
  • Case Quality Review

Production Support

  • Limited QCU Services including Expediting changes to pay lines and Escalating delayed files

  • Student cases

  • Stop pays

  • Assessment and correction of accrual errors for current payroll

  • Accrual processing

  • Process Absence Management

  • Process GL to send financial information to locations

  • Overpayment transactions

  • Critical issue resolution (Security, Portal, etc.)

  • Critical configurations and patches

  • Change requests

  • Major projects (Benefits eligibility rewrite, FS Retrofit)

  • Tax updates

  • Limited resources to answer phones

  • Overpayment transactions

  • Limited assessment and correction to balance changes

  • Processing of intercampus balances

  • Converted balances

  • Over max

  • State agency credits

  • Limited testing of CRs

  • Backlog case resolutions

  • Delay in stop corrections of more complex cases