The people behind UCPath at UC Berkeley.

Background image: Program Leadership Image

The Berkeley UCPath Project Team, led by Pratima Reddy implemented the UCPath system in March 2019. After the system went live, the Project Team supported a short period of hypercare before transitioning to the UCPath Operations Team, managed by Stacey Alvarez. 

Below are the operations and leadership teams supporting UCPath at UC Berkeley.

UCPath Executive Committee

The Executive Committee makes high level decisions around issues that have been escalated from the Steering Committee, with campus-wide implications related to use and management of the UCPath system and project resources.

Rosemarie Rae, Vice Chancellor for Finance

Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor for Administration

Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

UCPath Steering Committee

The Steering Committee makes high level decisions that have campus-wide implications, such as prioritizing areas of focus for process improvement, training, reporting, and more. The Steering Committee actively gathers input from consitutent groups across campus. 

Stacey Alvarez, UCPath Operations Manager

Heather Archer, AVP, Academic Personnel Office

Julia Arno, Regional Director, ProS

Seana Van Buren, Chief Administrative Officer, School of Public Health

Elizabeth Chavez, Interim Controller

Jan Crosbie-Taylor, Change Manager, UCPath

Susan Roach, Executive Director Student Affairs Administration 

JR Schulden, Associate CIO, Technical Lead, UCPath

Teal Sexton, Regional Director, SHARE Region

Brian Underwood, Deputy Director of Administration, Physics

Cynthia Weekley, Regional Director, ERSO Region

UCPath Operations Team

The Operations Team optimizes UCPath for transactional users and supports campus in troubleshooting issues. The team is responsible for user training, communications, process improvement, reporting assistance, and more. 

Stacey Alvarez, UCPath Operations Manager

Chris Whitney, Business Analyst Team Lead

Sina Carroll, Business Analyst

Jose Madrigal, Business Analyst

Raymond Ringl, Business Analyst

Kyra Troyan, Business Analyst

Jan Crosbie-Taylor, Change Manager

Emiko Moran, Communications Lead

Helen Kotke, Training Coordinator