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A Message from One of our Sponsors

Heather Archer, AVP, Academic Personnel OfficeHeather Archer | AVP, Academic Personnel Office

UCPath will update our payroll, benefits, and human resource systems, so they are integrated and will replace our legacy system, Payroll and Personnel System (PPS), that is based on outdated technology.

I strongly encourage all Academic HR Analysts, any other staff that handle academic appointments, and academics to become involved with the UCPath project. Your involvement can be as simple as learning about the project and staying updated as the project progresses. Some individuals, however, will want to take a more active role and give input on how the system should be implemented at UC Berkeley (UCB). We will be making some key campus decisions over the next few months, and having advice from departmental and decanal-level individuals will be very helpful. Read More

UCPath: What's New, What's Changing, What's Not Changing?

UCPathUCPath is a system-wide project launched by the University of California (UC) to modernize its current payroll system. UCPath introduces new, modern technology on the PeopleSoft (v.9.2) platform that will align payroll, benefits, and personnel transaction processing across the UC System. UCPath will help us work more efficiently, enabling employees to manage some essential tasks and view their own information.

Employees will also have access to the UCPath Center—a shared services center that will provide dedicated and responsive customer service support.

Learn what UCPath can do for UC employees, including what's changing and not changing for UC Berkeley. This information is a high-level view of UCPath changes. Read More

Workstream Updates

Change Management

Campus Advisory Groups

Change Management is a structured approach to transitioning people and processes from the current operating state to a new, future operating state. To achieve our goal of successful change, we are communicating (with this newsletter for example), meeting with campus leaders, providing job aids for testers, and working closely with other change management staff at Campus Shared Services (CSS) and the Regional Model development.

You will begin to see more change management activities after the Pathfinders Kick-off meetings in September. The primary goal of the Pathfinders is to provide two-way communications between the units around campus and the UCPath project team. The Pathfinders will be involved in a variety of activities such as:

  • Assist with data clean-up in our current systems
  • Bring concerns and issues to the UCPath project team
  • Communicate with their units about readiness activities required for UCPath

For questions or concerns about UCPath Change Management, please contact Jan Crosbie-Taylor.

Current activities:

  • To determine campus readiness and knowledge gaps in campus departments/units to help inform the decision where the Initiator and Approver roles should be performed for the UCPath HR templates, Steering Committee is assessing survey results.
  • Supporting testing efforts with Job Aids
  • Pathfinders Kick-off session in September

Data Conversion

Relevant data has been extracted from current data sources—Payroll Personnel System (PPS) and Legacy PeopleSoft (HCM)—and converted into the new UCPath system multiple times to support future business processes.

Data ConversionThese data conversion activities are under way:

  • Data validation for Early Conversion (provided data to downstream systems and processes) is complete:
    • Number of issues logged: 18
  • Smoke Test Conversion Data validation (ensure basic functions such as connectivity, encryption, and security set-up are functioning properly) is in progress:
    • Number of issues logged: 20
  • Consistent, quality data for Workforce Administration is 40% complete.


Integration Test

The testing cycle will occur over the course of 15 weeks until December 15, 2018. Integration Testing (IT) starts on September 4, 2018.

TestingIntegration / End-to-End Testing:

  • Test schedule will be revised with the updated dates
  • Testers will get calendar invites to assigned testing sessions
  • The ‘Integrated Functions Testing Kick-off’ was held on August 22, 2018.

Payroll Parallel Test

There will be two Payroll Parallel testing runs with the full monthly and bi-weekly employee population:

  • Payroll Parallel Test 1: September 2018
  • Payroll Parallel Test 2: November 2018

Payroll Parallel Testing involves running payroll in both UCPath and PPS systems for the same pay period, comparing the paycheck details to ensure they match. The goals of this test includes:

  • Gather these values from the two systems: Checks, Earnings, Taxes, General Deductions, Benefit Deductions, Garnishments.
  • Compare results and identify variances, which are then fixed, accepted, and/or communicated.
  • Validate the impacted payroll converted data, configuration, and UCPath payroll solution.

Tech Talk

Tech TalkIntegrations with UCPath are in process.  Campus systems impacted by UCPath and the employee ID change are being mitigated.  Expect all integrations with UCPath to be ready August 24, 2018 except for I-703 Payroll Write Back.

Spotlight Series: How will systems be impacted by the Employee ID change and what are the developers doing to address it?


Tech Talk Articles

The first of a series of articles about Integration Testing and how you will be impacted.


Process Hub

Process Hub

  • UCPath Business Analysts are developing local Future State Process Design (FSPD)
  • Integrated End-to-End Functions Testing preparation in progress (testing starts in September)

Report Center

Report CenterReviewing UCPath reports; address reporting gaps in UCPath system.

Countdown to Conversion

Did You Know?

  • To ensure campus-level data is properly integrated with the UCPath system, there will be ongoing testing cycles which will occur over the course of 15 weeks until December 15, 2018. We're approaching the first cycle of integration testing with Subject Matter Experts and process owners in early September.
  • There may be a potential issue with merged job records as we convert data from HCM and PPS to the UCPath system. Upcoming communications with possible solutions to address this issue.

How to Engage Now

  • Training materials for testers—Job Aids and Business Process overviews (slide decks)—finalized and emailed to participants on August 20, 2018. Be sure to review these materials before you begin testing.
  • Pathfinders will attend kick-off meetings in mid-September. If you are a Pathfinder, watch for the calendar invites.

What to Communicate

Campus Spotlight: UC Irvine

View messages from UCI UCPath sponsors, steering committee members, and UCI staff who are involved in preparing for UCPath. (4:43 mins)

UCPath at UCI

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Please direct all inquiries and feedback to UCPath Berkeley Info

If you have functional or technical questions or feedback, join us by phone for office hours.

UCPath Functional Office Hours

Every Tuesday from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. (PST)

Zoom Meeting Dial-in Details:

  • Telephone: (877) 369-0926 (Toll Free)
  • Meeting ID: 347 414 570

UCPath Technical Office Hours

Every Thursday from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. (PST)

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